CORAL Training, teaching and learning activity

Due to the circumstances, the activity was held online: 2nd – 6th November 2020. Participants were presented with an overview on workshop feedback and research findings, followed by a common discussion on the needs and priorities of peer group relations. The activity also included an overview of the EntreComp levels addressed in the project, areas


The aim of CORAL e-book is to provide practical information and forms of storytelling that could have a strong inspirational and motivational impact on CORAL participants and to other adult learners interested in self-employment. It is divided into 3 parts: Part 1 contains outcomes of the research on the emerging and upcoming needs and the

CORAL online self-assessment

This online self-assessment helps to set learning goals and identify training opportunities regarding the three areas of the EntreComp framework (intermediate level): Ideas and Opportunities, Resources, and Into Action. Following the self-assessment, in the end there is a map of educational competences for the competences related to entrepreneurship, as well as situational tests. With the

CORAL channel on YouTube

Video interviews have been made public on the CORAL YouTube channel. These are stories by entrepreneurs from the eight countries of the Consortium. Interviewed entrepreneurs shared their experience in scope of business activities and some tips for inspiring entrepreneurs. Visit our channel to watch the material.

Partnership meetings online

Due to the current epidemiological situation caused by the outbreak of the COVID-19, the Consortium has been organizing online meetings to discuss and continue project activities. Virtual meetings took place at least once a month during the period April until July. The global situation has proved that online training programmes are in high demand.

CORAL newsletter #1

Dig in to the first edition of the project newsletter to get an update on the current state of project activities. Project newsletters will remain available in the DOWNLOAD section on the website.

EASW workshops taking place

The project team has extended the workshop schedule until November 2020. The Consortium is organizing workshops either online or face to face with experts, professional counsellors and educators, but also long-term unemployed adults. The purpose is to establish a hierarchy of priorities and an action plan to boost employability and entrepreneurship skills, but also to

Report on entrepreneurship competences

The Consortium has completed the research phase for the identification of key competences for success in entrepreneurship. The international report entitled CORAL Research and survey report on self-employment skills based on EntreComp intermediate model is available for download. The report is available in English. Analysing results from surveyed entrepreneurs across countries provided different answers concerning

Research on entrepreneurship competences

The Consortium is conducting research concerning the emerging and upcoming needs of entrepreneurship competences expressed by enterprises, and by the labour market, with reference to the ENTRECOMP framework applied to the Service & Commerce sectors. In particular, the analysis will show which competences are – as named ‘key competences for success’ – specifically for long-term

Kick-off meeting in Perpignan

The first transnational project meeting took place at the end of September at the office of the coordinator – ALFMED, in the city of Perpignan in France. The two-day meeting, from 26 to 27 September, turned out to be an excellent opportunity for representatives of institutions cooperating in the project to share their experience in